Personalized services for your company

One of the key advantages of the Concierge service at XKANTOR is providing customers with personalized and trouble-free service based on the experience of our experts. With this service, customers can interact with a dedicated assistant who will provide guidance on currency exchange transactions. In addition, our experts will answer questions and provide recommendations based on the unique needs and preferences of customers. Concierge services provide added value in terms of KYC/AML processing and thus speed up transaction times. This service can help customers streamline processes, save time and currency exchange costs, and get the most value out of their transactions.

Concierge’s help

Concierge service is a valuable addition to the currency exchange platform as it provides personalized support and guidance to customers and helps ensure they receive the best exchange rates. By offering Concierge services , our platform stands out from the competition and provides excellent customer service, thanks to which our clients trust us.

How to use the Concierge service?

A short introductory email is enough!

It is very easy! Just write us an e-mail. The message should contain some important information such as the name of the company, the required currency, the preferred number of exchanges per month, etc. This is the information we need to prepare the initial offer. You can also suggest a specific date or available times for us to contact you. Remember to add the time zone in which you operate.

Concierge booking option on the website

  1. On the top menu bar, there is a button “Book concierge ”. After clicking on it, select the “Book now” option.
  2. We will directly transfer you to the e-mail box with the suggested content in which we will ask some important questions and ask you to indicate a convenient date for a telephone conversation with Concierge XKANTOR.

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