How can an online exchange office support your business?

19.06.2023 12:00
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What do exchange rates depend on?

For entrepreneurs involved in importing or exporting, business depends heavily on current exchange rates. So why should you exchange them at an online exchange office? How do online exchange offices work? We answer.

Why is it most beneficial to exchange currency at an online exchange office?

As mentioned in the introduction, the profits made by import or export entrepreneurs depend in part on current exchange rates. Therefore, it is necessary to exchange them on the most favorable terms, which is made possible by online exchange offices? Why is it worth using them? First of all, because of the cost of currency conversion, which in the case of online exchange offices is definitely lower than in stationary exchange offices or banks. It is also important that online exchange offices allow you to make free or cheap transfers in different currencies, which allows you to conduct settlements with counterparties. In addition, online exchange offices offer convenience, as currency exchange is carried out without leaving the office or home and is 100% safe. This is because online exchange offices have security features identical to those used in online banking.

How do online exchange offices work?

Online exchange offices work in a very simple way, as all you have to do is register your account on the platform, which allows you to exchange currencies. This is because the person carrying out the exchange opens accounts in different currencies, and can then cheaply convert the funds in his possession. What is the reason for the attractive prices? First of all, due to the fact that online exchange offices purchase currency cheaply (on forex or at wholesale prices from banks), so they can offer low spreads and commissions. Also important is the fact that they do not incur high operating costs because they operate 100% online. Some online exchange offices also operate on the principle of community currency exchange, which means that transactions are made directly by customers using the functionality of a given platform.

Current situation of the currency market

The current situation on the currency market, namely the strengthening of the zloty against the major currencies, namely the dollar, the euro and the British pound, makes it profitable for importers, who can buy more products abroad. As a result, their costs fall, which translates not only into higher profits, but also the ability to offer their products at more attractive prices. In contrast, experts’ predictions that the price of the zloty in the coming months will return to levels before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine are unfavorable for exporters, who lose out on foreign exchange. It therefore becomes particularly important to carry it out under the most favorable conditions possible, such as at an online exchange office.

In conclusion, it should be said that the use of online exchange offices is a solution that is beneficial for entrepreneurs working with foreign contractors. This is because the specific nature of their business allows them to exchange currencies on much more attractive terms.

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