Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed information on transfer fees can be found in the regulations of the website – in the Table of Fees and Commissions. supports all domestic and foreign banks not included in the sanction lists. In addition, the following banks: Alior Bank (including former BPH SA), Santander Bank Polska (former BZWBK), PKO BP (former Norede Bank and
INTELIGO), PEKAO SA, BNP Paribas, ING Bank Śląski are integrated with the platform, which enables accounts held in these banks, making quick and free deposits and withdrawals.

International transfers are carried out by individually entering foreign bank account numbers and information concerning a given account, and once approved, international withdrawal accounts are later handled automatically, without the need to re-enter information.

Currency transfer within the above-mentioned banks integrated with takes up to 30 minutes and is free of charge.

The fastest transfer (deposit or withdrawal) can be made within the banks integrated with, i.e.: Santander Bank Polska (including former BZWBK), PEKAO SA, PKO BP (including former Nordea Bank and Inteligo) Alior Bank (including former BPH SA), BNP Paribas, ING Bank Śląski. The funds are transferred to the accounts held in the above-mentioned banks within 30 minutes, which also applies to payments to the wallet at made from the bank integrated with the platform. In other banks (other than partner banks), PLN transfers take up to 5 business hours, EUR transfers take up to 1 business day, and other currencies are booked up to 3 business days.

We also offer our business clients express EUR withdrawals in the Target system. This service has a worldwide reach and covers all accounts in Poland and abroad. By sending EUR in the Target system, the transfer reaches the recipient within several dozen minutes.

When making currency deposits and withdrawals, you incur the cost of the transfer, which depends on the prices imposed by the given bank. If you have an account in a bank where does not have an account (accounts belonging to other banks not integrated with the platform), please check the current costs of sending and accepting a transfer in your bank's price list. It is worth knowing that some banks charge a fee for accepting currency transfers.

More information on fees can be found in the answer to the question: How much does it cost to use

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