Frequently Asked Questions

Customer verification is mandatory for each user who has an account on the Platform and is on the side of the website. If the Customer’s data provided during registration are correct, the user receives full access to the functionality of the account. If the Customer’s identification data provided during registration are incomplete, incorrect or raise other reasonable doubts, the Platform’s employee may contact the Customer and ask for additional documents. The duration of the supplementary verification depends on communication with the Customer.

You can change the phone number by selecting the “My account” tab from the main menu, then in the “Phone” tab, select the “Edit”; option, enter the new phone number and confirm the change of number with an SMS code that will be sent to your previous phone number, provided on the site.

If you do not have access to the previous telephone number and want to make a change in the service, please send a message to, in the content of the message please provide the correct telephone number. If the phone number belongs to a foreign operator, please precede it with the prefix of the country with a “+”sign. The message must be sent from the e-mail address which is the login to the account at

Your e-mail address, just like your PESEL number, is part of the data that cannot be changed. The e-mail address is your login to the website. If for some reason you do not have access to the e-mail address provided or your e-mail address has changed, please contact Customer Service.

Replenishment of the account for withdrawals is made in the “Bank accounts” tab. Enter the bank account number in the IBAN format and select the currency to which the account relates. You should also complete the name and surname (name) of the account owner and basic address details. You can name the added account in the “Account name” field, an optional function. Adding an account for withdrawals should be completed by entering the SMS Code, which will be sent to your phone number provided when completing your data.

To add a foreign account in the “Bank accounts”, select the account currency and enter the account number of the foreign account in the IBAN format with the appropriate country code. You can name the added account in the “Account name” field, an optional function. Adding an account must be confirmed by SMS with a code that is sent to your phone number.

Foreign accounts requiring additional verification, such as US or other accounts that do not participate in IBAN, are added to your account via our Technology Department. Foreign account details should be sent to, in the content of the message please provide: account number in the IBAN format, name of the bank, BIG, SWIFT of the bank, information about the currency of the account and name and surname of the account owner. When a foreign account is accepted on the website, we will immediately send to your e-mail address information about adding an account with a request for verification.

Please send the message from the e-mail address that is your login to the platform.

Yes, when adding an account, please enter the details of the account owner.

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