Frequently Asked Questions

After logging in to your account, from the main menu, select the “Deposit funds” tab, where you should indicate the currency you want to top up the account with and the bank from which the funds transfer will be made. After providing the necessary information, a dedicated account number will be displayed to which the funds should be transferred. Important: A correct transfer title allows for quick, automatic identification of the user’s funds.

Deposits and withdrawals are made the fastest in banks integrated with the platform. Transfers to accounts within the above-mentioned banks take about 30 minutes. For the customers of the platform, we have prepared an exceptionally practical offer: express EUR withdrawals in the Target Ekspres system, which has a worldwide reach (to all banks in Poland and abroad). In the Target Ekspres system, a EUR transfer from to any account takes only several dozen minutes. Information on the costs of express transfers can be found in the Table of Fees and Commissions.

Yes, you can top up your wallet from a foreign account. In order to make a payment to from a foreign bank or from a bank that is not integrated with the platform, select the “Other bank”; option in the panel. Next, details of the account dedicated to payments from foreign banks and from banks in Poland, which are not integrated with, will be displayed. Please also remember to enter your individual transfer title starting with XK in the “transfer title” field in your bank. This is a condition for efficient and correct booking of the payment on the account at

The funds will be credited to the technical account of the website. In order to book them (assign them) to your account on the website, you need to confirm the transfer in PDF format sent to Please send the message from the e-mail address that is your login to the platform.

If you have accidentally deposited currency into a bank account in a different currency, the funds will be converted by the bank to which they were sent. The website has no influence on currency conversion operations performed within the recipient’s bank.

You will be informed about the crediting of funds by e-mail and SMS. Important: In order for the funds to be correctly booked, it is necessary to enter the individual title of the transfer XK…

Your funds will be visible after logging in to the website in the “Currency wallets”; tab in the wallet balance of the currency that has been paid in as “Available funds”.

Available funds – funds available in your wallet that can be converted or withdrawn from the website. Commissioned funds – funds ordered to be exchanged, waiting for execution.

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