Frequently Asked Questions

We have introduced the ability to add accounts from the user interface. For countries using account numbers in the IBAN format, each user can add an account on their own.

Foreign accounts that require additional verification, such as US other accounts that do not participate in IBAN, are added to your User Account via our Technology Department.

Foreign account details should be sent to, then the case goes to the Technology Department. The message from you regarding adding a foreign account should contain: account number, name of the bank, BIG, SWIFT of the bank, information about the currency of the account and name and surname of the account owner. When a foreign account is accepted at, we will immediately send to your e-mail address information about adding an account with a request for verification.

List of countries using IBAN account number:

1. Albania (AL)
2. Andorra (AD)
3. Austria (AT)
4. Belgium (BE)
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)
6. Bulgaria (BG)
7. Croatia (HR)
8. Cyprus (CY)
9. Czech Republic (CZ)
10. Denmark (DK)
11. Dominican Republic (DO)
12. Estonia (EE)
13. Faroe Island (FO)
14. Finland (FI)
15. France (FR)
16. Georgia (GE) )
17. Germany (DE)
18. Gibraltar (GI)
19. Greece (GR)
20. Hungary (HU)
21. Iceland (IS)
22. Ireland (IE)
23. Israel (IL)
24. Italy (IT)
25 Kazakhstan (KZ)
26. Kuwait (KW)
27. Latvia, (LV)
28. Lebanon (LB)
29. Liechtenstein (LI)
30. Lithuania (LT)
31. Luxembourg (LU)
32. Macedonia (MK)
33. Malta (MT)
34. Mauritius (MU)
35. Monaco (MC)
36. Montenegro (ME)
37. Netherlands (NL)
38. Norway (NO)
39. Poland (PL)
40. Portugal (PT)
41. Romania ( RO)
42. San Marino (SM)
43. Saudi Arabia (SA)
44. Serbia (RS)
45. Slovak Republic (SK)
46. Slovenia (SI)
47. Spain (ES)
48. Sweden (SE)
49. Switzerland (CH)
50. Tunisia (TN)
51. Turkey (TR)
52. United Kingdom (GB)

Due to the worldwide range of services, the platform also sends SMS codes to telephone numbers belonging to foreign operators. We serve our clients regardless of their place of stay or residence, so if you are a temporary or permanent user of a foreign mobile network, this is not an obstacle. The condition is, of course, that the phone number is correctly entered during registration (or the number is changed in the User’s profile), in this case necessarily preceded by the prefix of the country with a + sign. carries out express transfers in EUR, USD, CHF and GBP. The Recipient and the Recipient's Bank of the above transfers cannot be included in the sanction lists respected by the Platform.

More information on express transfers can be found in the answer to the question: How much does it cost to send currency in express mode?

Yes, you can top up your wallet from a foreign account, provided that the Sender and the Sender’s Bank are recharges are not included in the sanction lists respected by the Platform. Check here

IBAN is an international standard for numbering bank accounts. It was introduced to streamline international transfers and is valid in most European countries, as well as in some countries in Asia, Africa and South America. The Polish account number in the IBAN standard consists of: the country code (the first 2 PL characters), the checksum (the next 2 characters) and the Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN). When making deposits or withdrawals via the platform, the IBAN must be provided in the case of sending funds from a Polish account to a foreign one and vice versa.

Sending the currency in the express mode at means that the payment is made in the D system, i.e. on the day of the order. At the same time, please take into account the cut-off time for submitting the transfer order, so that it can be executed under the above conditions. For an express transfer, the cutt of time is 1:00 p.m. (the order must be submitted by this time).

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