Frequently Asked Questions

SWIFT means the same as BIC, so the terms can be used interchangeably. SWIFT is therefore an 8-letter code identifying a banking institution in order to make international transfers efficiently and reliably. You will need it while carrying out international transactions at It should be written down before the account number. Banks make it available on their websites, you will also find it in the account details on the transaction website. For each bank, SWIFT is public, unique and immutable. For example: the SWIFT code for Bank Zachodni WBK SA is WBKPPLPPXXX

SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) is a zone of the Single Euro Payments Area, which means that in all member states of the SEPA zone, the same payment rules in EUR apply, which mainly refers to the same transfer deadlines. Thanks to the harmonization of SEPA, payments in EUR can be made faster and cheaper to almost all banks within the European Union, as well as to Liechtenstein, Monaco, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and San Marino. SEPA transfers are executed in the D+1 system, which in practice means the deadline for posting funds on the recipient’s account by the end of the next business
day. SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) is a zone of the Single Euro Payment Area, which in practice means that in the member states of the SEPA zone the same rules apply for making payments in EUR, i.e. the same transfer deadlines. Thanks to SEPA transfers, you can make payments in EUR currency faster and cheaper to almost all banks within the European Union as well as to Liechtenstein, Monaco, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and San Marino. SEPA transfers are covered by the D+ 1 system, which means that the payment is credited to the recipient’s account by the end of the next business day. In terms of costs, a SEPA transfer is much cheaper than SWIFT. For most Polish banks, the cost of a SEPA transfer is PLN 5. The payment must necessarily be ordered in EUR, as other currencies are not eligible for the SEPA system. In case of further doubts, please contact Customer Service.

After registering at, each of our clients automatically receives an individual transfer title assigned to their account, starting with XK …. It consists of a unique string of characters. With regard to the use of services, an individual transfer title is extremely important, as it enables efficient and error-free identification of payments from anywhere in the world. Funds paid by a transfer with this title will be automatically credited to the Client’s wallet.

BIC is a code that identifies a particular bank. It is necessary for the execution of international transfers, it enables efficient and reliable transfer of money abroad. Therefore, when using the platform, you will most likely need it many times, as currency exchange usually involves the need to make a transfer to a foreign account. The BIC consists of 8 letters, it is unchangeable, unique and public for each bank. We write it down before the account number. You can find it on the website of a given bank or in the details of the account, in the transaction service. For example: the BIC code for Bank Zachodni WBK SA is WBKPPLPPXXX.

IBAN stands for international bank account number. It was introduced to improve international payments. Depending on the country, the IBAN can vary in length, up to a maximum of 34 characters. Polish account numbers in the IBAN standard consist of a total of 28 characters: the country code (the first 2 characters of PL), the checksum (the next 2 characters) and the Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN). In practice, you save the Polish IBAN as the primary account number, preceded by the letters PL. However, this information should not be taken for granted when making a payment abroad, because the IBAN of a foreign bank may be shorter or longer.

When using the platform, you will need IBAN when making transfers from Polish accounts to foreign ones and vice versa.

It is a six-digit code sent to the Customer's mobile phone, which was provided during the Registration process. The SMS Code is an additional authorization for a given instruction, e.g. Withdrawal of funds to your bank account or adding a new bank account. Each withdrawal order submitted by the Client is authorized by SMS sent to the mobile phone number.

After registration, the SMS Code service is launched automatically. The service can be used when withdrawing funds to your bank account and when adding a new bank account to Deposit funds. Each time the SMS Code comes to the defined mobile phone provided during Registration.

Encryption is used for secure data transmission.

An encrypted website can be recognized by the following indications: the website address bar displayed by the browser, starting with https://, i.e. , is highlighted in green, and after clicking the lock icon displays the Certificate and the name of the institution for which the Certificate was issued.

The website uses the proven and strongest encryption with the SSL Extended Validation (SSL EV) algorithm with a key length of 128 bits using an authenticated certificate.

For security purposes, each time you log in to your account, a session time limit of 15 minutes is set. Each activity of the Customer causes the time limit to be restored for another 15 minutes. If no action is taken, after this time the user is automatically logged out of the website.

Each user, by making a deposit to the bank accounts of the platform or exchange office for currency conversion, has access to their money at all times. At any time, he may submit an Order to exchange the funds he has in his wallet. Each customer has access to the account 24/7.

An option where the fees related to the execution of the transfer are divided between the ordering party and the transfer beneficiary. In practice, this means that the payer pays the costs of his bank (e.g. for the transaction mode, execution), and the remaining costs are deducted in the amount that the recipient ultimately receives. The service has met its customers’s expectations and offers the cheapest foreign transfers.

An option in which all fees related to the execution of the transfer, i.e. the costs of the ordering party’s bank, intermediary banks and the beneficiary’s bank, are covered by the ordering party. In practice, this means that the transfer amount will be debited from the payer’s account together with all costs charged by the banks participating in the transaction. However, the recipient will receive the target amount without incurring costs. The SHA option for the EUR currency costs PLN 5, the USD, GBP and CHF costs PLN 10, the OUR option is available only for the USD currency and costs PLN 100.

In the case of banks integrated with the website: Alior Bank (former BPH SA, TMobile Banking Services), PEKAO SA, Santander Bank Polska SA (former BZ WBK), PKO BP (former Nordea Bank, Inteligo), mBank Group (BRE Bank , mBank, MultiBank)*, Raiffeisen Polbank, BNP BGŻ Paribas and Millenium Bank, the customer does not incur any additional costs for withdrawing funds.

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